• Booking can be amended only online and at least 3 days prior to the date of your booking, changes will only be accepted for same sport/pitch type and rate conditions.

  • All bookings are non-refundable.

  • Dubai Sports World shall not be liable to any party for any losses damage or expenses arising out of any circumstance which may cause the facility to be temporarily closed, or the booking to be interrupted delayed or cancelled. Alternative slot, pitch or facility will be arranged in such situations.

  • All players, spectators and the accompanied visitors must follow the admission procedure and ensure valid information is provided to complete their check-in at the entrance, Dubai Sports World reserves the right to refuse the admission in failure to complete the check-in process. Avoid the queue and fast-pass check-in: Download Dubai Sports World app; complete the registration process and check-in prior your arrival.

  • Dubai Sports World and Dubai World Trade Centre cannot be held responsible for any sports related injuries.

  • Booking is only confirmed when payment receipt is issued and the schedule is sent.

  • For the benefit of all customers and staff, visitors to, and participants of, the booked activity must cooperate with and follow the instructions of the manager or staff on duty at all times.

  • Allow yourself and your guests/visitors plenty of time to reach the facility to ensure you are ready to start your game on time.

  • Out of courtesy to other users, please keep all people associated with your booking clear of the facility until your booking is due to start.

  • Please ensure you vacate the facility on time at the end of your booked activity.

  • Sports accessories are available subject to availability, it is advisable to bring your own accessories with you.

  • Eating in the courts or pitches is prohibited.

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