Battle Park

New to Dubai Sports World is the virtual battle field scenario, offering the same fun and excitement of paintball but without special or safety limitations and definitely no mess! Each participant will be equipped with an airsoft gun giving a sense of real-time action, with laser technology using the latest iBattle system.

In addition, try out the patented and exclusive iTarget electronic auto target system featuring 4 different game modes, each with 15 levels of difficulty. Depending on the game mode, each target automatically stands up and illuminates and then falls down when hit. Information such as time, hits, misses, and score are displayed on the LED score board in real time to show results! Paired with the modified X-Beam Tracer, provides a dynamic “Star Wars” effect following every shot taken, for a laser-like beam shooting experience that will really ramp up the fun.

Bookings can be made on site. For more information please call 800-228853(BATTLE) or visit our website at

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